MoCA® technology makes your home Wi-Fi™ network better. It extends Internet all over your house using your existing coax TV cable.

MoCA Makes Wi-Fi Better®

“I ended up running another coax line to my TV room dedicated to MoCA, and it was worth it.  Viewing on-line TV using Ethernet over MoCA blows my 802.11ac connection out of the water – no more interminable waits for content to load. No more stutters or frame freezes.  MoCA seems to be a perfect complement, if not replacement in some cases, to Wi-Fi, and I can see why Verizon, Comcast and others use it for their installs.”

Chris Taylor
Director, RF & Wireless Components
Strategy Analytics

MOCA vs. Wi-Fi for Live Video Streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook

In this video see how MoCA is independently tested and proves more reliable and faster than Wi-Fi when streaming.
01:17 - How MOCA works
02:29 - Outbound live stream via Wi-Fi
05:28 - Outbound live stream via MOCA
08:02 - Final thoughts

Wi-Fi® In-premise Problems: problematic areas for Wi-Fi and solutions.

Field Tests Demonstrate That Wi-Fi® Mesh in the Home Still Requires a Wire

“By now, it’s kind of established fact that nearly everybody in a household at any given moment is on some kind of device."

Are There Local YouTube Stars?” P.J. Bednarski in his VidBlog, MediaPost, May 14, 2015

“Many consumers experience poor home network performance and congestion problems, and the number will increase as the number of Internet-connected devices in the home climbs,” said John Barrett, director of consumer analytics for Parks Associates. “Wired solutions are appealing options for resolving these problems.”

See end user research by Parks Associates, “Consumer Interest in Wired Solutions to Wireless Home Network Problems.”

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