Happy Customers 

Read what customers of MoCA products have to say about their experience.

“To all slow dissatisfied wifi customers,

Several years ago, I installed 2 Tivo wireless adapters and was very dissatisfied to say the least.

I then found out about MoCA adapters and purchased 1 to activate all of our coax outlets with the internet in our house and 1 for each of our Tivo boxes. The installation was completely done by myself and required no setup. I now have the same internet speed and bandwidth throughout our house.

Instead of Netflix taking 1 to 2 minutes to load, it now takes less than 5 seconds with no interruptions or glitches while streaming anything.

This is without a doubt the best tech move I ever made.”

Mark, Atlanta, Georgia

“I ended up running another coax line to my TV room dedicated to MoCA, and it was worth it.  Viewing on-line TV using Ethernet over MoCA blows my 802.11ac connection out of the water – no more interminable waits for content to load. No more stutters or frame freezes.  MoCA seems to be a perfect complement, if not replacement in some cases, to Wi-Fi, and I can see why Verizon, Comcast and others use it for their installs.”

Chris Taylor
Director, RF & Wireless Components
Strategy Analytics

“I did get the Ethernet over my coax working and it's fantastic. Thank you for the help you offered me over the phone.”

- Travis M.

“I just added a MoCA network in conjunction with an upgrade of my Cablevision bandwidth and added the equipment with the service tech watching.

He kept saying that I’d have to yank it off the system if it interfered with either the TV or data, plus the obligatory 'we don’t support this stuff'. Interestingly, once it worked and added coverage to the other side of my 1920’s house, he was blown away. (Me too.) ”

- Roger, New York, NY

“My Actiontec Bonded ECB6200 MoCA 2.0 adapters work brilliantly to create a high-speed home network that is easy to set up and rock solid in reliability, using my existing cable outlets to provide simultaneous network data, internet and television.”

- Neall Doren, Albuquerque, NM

“I wanted to improve the Wi-Fi coverage in my home. I purchased the Motorola Surfboard SBG67782 modem because I thought it gave me a little better Wi-Fi coverage. I noticed “MoCA” was stamped just below the coax connection on the back. I was curious so I gathered some information about MoCA. I found some information from the Internet including www.mocainyourhouse.com.

I ultimately purchased a Wi-Fi extender with MoCA and a couple of MoCA adapters. I also gained more knowledge from the information MoCA sent me directly. Having DIRECTV made it a little more complicated to set up but I found that DTV was already a MoCA member. Now my network and Wi-Fi are lightning fast throughout the MoCA network including extending Wi-Fi out to the backyard. With MoCA, my network works great! Video streaming like Netflix is clean, clear and fast with no pauses or interruptions. Thanks MoCA!”

– Gene from Vallejo, CA

“I just love this MoCA technology. I love that it just works. I use it in my 1971 townhome to connect the basement entry point (where I also have my office) to my 2nd floor entertainment center. HD streaming is so smooth with this MoCA. I also run my wireless Access Point from the 2nd floor outlet through the MoCA.

I love the fact that you can use MoCA wherever coax cable exists. I also love the fact that you can create a system with no wireless exposure to you in your home if you want because the coax cable confines the stray energy discharge to a minimum. This is important for people who are electrically sensitive to WiFi.”

- Tom Guyette, Plymouth, Minnesota

“I was able to provide my barn with Internet and HD cable using the Actiontec ECB6200 with MoCA technology. I could see me buying more of these units in the future. I am a very satisfied customer.”

- Howard E., Bonney Lake, WA