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MoCA Videos

How to Hardwire Your Internet EVEN WITHOUT Ethernet Wiring in Your House!

Most people know that it's always better to have a hardwire internet connection instead of Wi-Fi, because it's more reliable and usually faster too. But not all homes have cat5 or cat6 ethernet cabling run through the walls and to different rooms. You might think this means you're stuck using Wi-Fi, but you're not! There are ways you can use the existing wiring in your house to transmit data and basically convert it to ethernet, without running any new cables. We can do this with two different technologies, powerline, and MoCA.

Your MoCA questions answered: Filter and device placement, fixing problems, and more!

Placement of devices and POE filters, troubleshooting, and a lot more...


MOCA vs. Wi-Fi for Live Video Streaming to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook

In this video see how MoCA is independently tested and proves more reliable and faster than Wi-Fi Mesh.
01:17 - How MOCA works
02:29 - Outbound live stream via Wi-Fi
05:28 - Outbound live stream via MOCA
08:02 - Final thoughts


MOCA vs. Powerline : (Comtrend) and Homeplug AV2 (TpLink AV1000) compared


Gaming with a Wire: MOCA vs. Wi-Fi Mesh for Gamers

In this video we see how extending your network with a wire vs. Wi-Fi Mesh is better for gamers.

LonTV Shows How MoCA Can Improve Your Wi-Fi

Lon Seidman of LonTV shows how MoCA can help your Wi-Fi network with a performance increase up to 500%. And more cost-effectively than adding more Wi-fi Mesh.

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Interview: MoCA Technology - Extending Your WiFi with Cable TV Wiring!


Explainer: How a MOCA network works

Google Wifi Update: Connect Remote Units Via Ethernet / MOCA vs. Wirelessly How To

Actiontec ECB6200K02 Bonded MOCA 2.0 Review - Extend a network with cable TV wires!

Actiontec MoCA Ethernet over Coax Adapter Kit Review - ECB2500c

Q&A: Where to install a MOCA filter

Actiontec MOCA 2.0 802.11ac Wireless Network Extender Review - WCB6200Q02

How to Turbo-Charge your Wi-Fi® with a Wire
DIY tutorial on how to use two simple devices to extend wi-fi signal to any room or area in your house using TV coax cabling.


Turbo-Charge your Wi-Fi® home network with MoCA®
A quick tutorial on how to use the Actiontec Wireless Extender with MoCA tech to simply and easily get wireless to those hard to reach places and spaces.


Actiontec MOCA 2.0 802.11ac Wireless Network Extender Review - WCB6200Q02
Lon Seidman reviews the Actiontec MoCA Ethernet over Coax Adapter Kit and how MoCA technology works over a coax network.


Actiontec MoCA Ethernet over Coax Adapter Kit Review - ECB2500c
Lon Seidman of reviews the Actiontec MOCA 2.0 802.11ac Wireless Network Extender.

How MoCA Works
A short 1:30 video simply illustrating how MoCA works.


How to improve your home networking with MoCA
MoCA makes your network better using existing TV cable outlets (coax). Now you can use your coax outlets to extend internet home network.


How to improve your Wi-Fi Home, Networking with a MoCA Network
A short 1:30 video on how to make your home network better. Extend your wireless network with existing in home TV cable outlets. No more wireless dead zones. Connect your 4K TV, Smart TV, Blu-ray™ player, DVR, media streamer, computer, laptop, ipad, tablet, or game console to your high-speed home network and the Internet.


Improve Whole Home Wireless
Short 1 minute video showing you how to improve the Wi-Fi signal in your home.


How to Connect a Motorola MoCA Adapter in a DirecTV House
This is a short video showing how I connected my Motorola MoCA Adapter to my DirecTV system to get Internet Access throughout my house


CES 2015
Tech Tell's Joe Paone Interview with Rob Gelphman from MoCA


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“I was able to provide my barn with Internet and HD cable using the Actiontec ECB2500C with MoCA technology. I could see me buying more of these units in the future. I am a very satisfied customer.”

- Howard E., Bonney Lake, WA